Hot dog!

11 Dec


We have just learned about oven hot dogs.

Where have you been all this time? We are not frankfurter people, per se. However, these are an amazing exception, thanks to the mayo-laden buns and crunchy exterior.

We made one small change; mixing yellow mustard into the mayo first, coating the inside of the buns. But then laying sweet relish, hotdogs, chili, cheddar and chopped white onion is pretty much un-improvable.

Just make sure you don’t smear the top of the bun — like we did on our first go — with too much topping, otherwise, you will miss out on the whole point — oven-baked, crunchy goodness, ya’ll.

Bake covered in tinfoil (don’t forget to spray the inside of the tinfoil so the cheese won’t stick) at 350°F for 45 minutes.

We would like to try these topped with Coney Island sauce: a rich, beefy Greek-inspired topper we have yet to master.

Also, an oven baked meatball/marinara switcheroo would make a great winter snack after tobagganing or snowshoeing!

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