Cowboy Happy Hour

2 Jul

Always on the lookout for Stampede recipes over here.

Here’s a quick barbecued nacho idea for a group, perfect with cold beer. Or bacon Caesars! IMG_2265

It’s a riff on retro Nachos Grande from Chi Chi’s. Each chip is covered with a thin smear of refried beans, cheese and a slice of jalepeno. Tidbits of sliced grilled steak or chicken can be added over top. Or seasoned ground beef can join the bean layer, but remember: it has to be thin!

In a large pan, brown ground sirloin and diced onion. Drain fat, and toss mixture with just a touch of smokey habernero barbecue sauce or your own mix of chili powder, cumin and oregano.

Then, start layering on fresh corn tortillas. Water down the refried bean layer so you are painting the tortilla rather than spreading a thick layer photoof mortar!

Then a spoonful of bbq beef or grilled beef or chicken tidbits. Sprinkle grated cheese over top, and top each quarter with a pickled jalepeno (or top with fresh after cooking).

Heat barbecue grill (we use mini pizza stones). When pizza stones are hot on the grill, slid the tortillas on and close lid. Check after a few minutes to see if tortilla bottom is crisp. When the tortillas are crisp, they’re ready.

Cut into quarters and serve with fire-roasted salsa, guacamole and sour cream presented on shredded lettuce.

nachos 2nachosNachos 3

Retro: Chi Chi's natchos grande

Retro: Chi Chi’s nachos grande



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