Dinner and a Mooooovie 5.0

5 Oct

todd masters 1987 pumpkin
Horror of horrors: On Oct. 31, it looks as though we will not be home to greet and treat our wee neighbourhood ghoulies.

We can only make our peace with that disappointment by fulfilling our October-long Dinner and a Mooooovie nights featuring some frightening nibbles for two.skeleton

Pinterest has only further enabled our obsessive love affair with all things Halloween. Though we’ve long collected outrageous recipes and haunting party ideas, this year we are paring down.

Some festive movie snacks and a decaying dinner dish or two.

And what great dishes these are. We already took advantage of a chilly autumn day to roast multiple heads of garlic, freezing the sweet, golden cloves for easy use.

Graveyard dip: Our favourite hot bean dip with Halloween cookie cutter toasted tortilla cutouts (make one batch but separate into three containers. Moderation, people!)

Martha’s decaying upside down mushroom pastriestoast points

Julie’s awesome Steak bites and dipping sauce

Black pasta with seafood in cream and wine sauce

Enchanted chicken and mushroom soup

And, of course, an annual appearance of Jackolantern Burgers

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