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Watermelon ice cream bombe recipe?

23 Jun

There’s a new vintage recipe request and just in time for summer:

“Hi! I have a memory of a 1980s recipe in Seventeen that showed an ice cream watermelon bombe and some kind of gelatin (apricot) set in a cantaloupe rind? I’m thinking it’s from either 1980 or 1986 or later? Does this ring any bells? I have tons of back issues hoarded, let me know if there is anything I can help you find! Thanks!”

Have to say, we can’t recall this one.

We’re going to have to put this one out there for other ’80s obsessed Seventeen recipe folks: do you still have it?

While you’re searching, here’s a summery page to tide you over, circa 1986.

summer refresher 1
refreshing 2