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The birth of Now You’re Cooking

19 Aug

39dd4af95aed67b548b16c17f0a9fb17We are quite astonished that our wee recipe blog has attracted so many 1980s Seventeen Magazine recipe searchers.

We love that our most popular post, Vintage Recipe Searchers, continues generating public requests and creating a community of retro recipe sharers.

So we are keen to share another fun discovery we made while idly googling for lost recipes: Now You’re Cooking first appeared in the February 1978 issue! We have yet to find the page (that was more than a few years before we started reading).

“Now You’re Cooking! How to fix a great dinner: a new show and tell feature.”

UPDATE: could it be this Chicken cacciatore page?

Chicken cacciatore

The issue’s description doesn’t shed any light:


If you have a copy, please share a scan with us!

More requests…

18 Aug

Does anyone have a Seventeen recipe page for seafood chowder? It had a cranberry cake to go with it?

UPDATE: thank you Sharon!


Leighton Lunch

17 Aug


A fine summer’s day at a historic art retreat. Beauty all around and lots of memories.
For those who worked up an appetite, a mobile catering truck satisfied.

Gourmet burger bar with a jalapeƱo relish that was divine!
house horizontal
great roomcurtains

You asked, we answered!

10 Aug

Carolyn asks:

“What a fun trip down memory lane. I was so sad when my Seventeen Magazines from late 70s to early 80s were taken to goodwill. I have been searching for a sunflower seed bread that I made, shaped like a sun..thinking it was in May 1980 issue with Diane Lane on the cover. Would love to make that again!”

We do have that page, it’s from November 1988:

gathering 2gathering 1