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Retro pottery…

26 Feb

alberta pottery, connie and bob pike, retro potterymugs2We’ve been using this set of 1970s pottery in the office. And we have to say we’re pretty charmed.

We are not fans of pottery per se, but we do have a fondness for retro mugs, platters, casseroles and bowls we’ve grown up seeing adorn┬áranch house/ski chalet/lake cabin shelves.

This red Alberta clay is especially lovely as is its prairie landscape theme.

They were created in Lavoy, AB in the late ’70s.

Should there come a day when we clumsily lose (read: break) these, we will at least have a photo to remind us!

Lunar New Year

19 Feb


A quick Chinese New Year feast, courtesy of T&T supermarket:

Chinese soy chicken, hacked before our eyes by a kindly, cleaver-wielding butcher

Ha Gow, shui mai

$8 soy sauce because we’ve been curious (it is worth the extra $$ for its viscous consistency: perfect for dumplings. Would be a waste using in larger recipes, I think.

We are a wee bit obsessed with five-spice roasted chicken.

And, really, all things Chinese New Year!