Indian Summer, Rockies style

13 May

Summer lounge alert: Vancouver chef Vikram Vij has come back to the Banff Springs to create a menu for its new seasonal restaurant, Indian Summer, which is taking over the upper Rundle Lounge.

This is a great partnership with an authentic connection: Vij worked in the Banff Springs’ kitchen in the early 1990s (wish our paths had crossed, but alas). Here’s his family chicken curry recipe.

Since we are a wee bit obsessed with the Colonial curry buffet at the Empress’ Bengal Lounge, it’s rather thrilling to see something similar in Banff.

Springs chefs are intended to start travelling to Vij’s every spring to develop summer menus.

We can hardly wait to play Colonial castle. Whether it’s a hot summer night or a rainy day, we’re keen on sinking back and enjoying the heady aroma of Indian spices. Give us a chilled glass of bubbles or fizzy lime-ginger soda and we are ready for Indian Summer, Rockies style.

To tide us over, we’ll try to create this fun cocktail hour soon: Vij’s ginger lime cocktail, spiced cashews and pate.

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