Those carb crazy ’80s…

19 Aug

$_57Retro Seventeen magazine had a crush on time-consuming baked goods. Exhibit A, February 1982, above.

Also here:

tumblr_mf7j9lXomW1rp9p7do1_500And waaaay back here (this doesn’t look like a Seventeen page, but the Pinterest pinner refers to it as a Seventeen recipe)


We are still searching for Tobi’s request:

“I remember it as a wreath-shaped stollen – although I’m not sure it was technically a stollen. I remember lots of different kinds of dried and candied fruit, rolled up in a pastry dough, shaped into a wreath, and then we added leaves and berries shaped out of dough to the top. It was beautiful and delicious. I made it with my mom at the time – and was so sure we clipped and saved it, but we cannot locate it anywhere in my mom’s recipe file or mine. I contacted Seventeen magazine but never got a reply.Any chance you have this recipe, or can locate it for me? I’d love to recreate it for my mom (and my own kids). Many thanks! And Happy Holidays!”


UPDATE: Thanks to Brenda, Bubble Tree Bread recipe page is here! We found a forum reference to a Seventeen recipe for a “Christmas bread cinnamon roll shaped into balls then shaped like a Christmas tree.  It had icing for garland and candied cherries as ornaments.  It was really pretty.”

4 Responses to “Those carb crazy ’80s…”

  1. Brenda at 8:58 pm #

    Cherie, I may have found this article and recipe for Tobi or, at the very least, the forum recipe from Seventeen magazine’s December 1975 issue that you mention. How can I upload the photos and recipe to you for posting here?

  2. Andrea at 3:11 pm #

    I remember that Christmas wreath recipe — it looked so impressive and my teenage self attempted to recreate it a couple of times with mixed success. It was more of a sweetened dough than a pastry, and the filling involved a lot of dried apricots. You rolled it into a log, formed it into a circle and decorated it with dough leaves and berries. I’ve also searched for it (no success yet).


  1. Seventeen magazine Bubble Bread Tree! | Saucy Cherie -

    […] seen a request for this recipe (other Seventeen holiday breads here), which is from a December 1975 issue. Before our time, but perfect for Brenda! She […]

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