Vintage Seventeen recipe scores!

19 Sep

When it rains, it pours. Thanks to some wonderful readers, we have new Seventeen Now You’re Cooking pages of vintage recipes to share. Many thanks to Michelle W. and Tammy R.  for their kind effort scanning, photographing and sharing these great pages!

Do you remember cooking any of these?

image1image1 (1)cookbookcherie.wordpress.comimage1 (3)

These pages are filled with nostalgia. We couldn’t resist asking Michelle to share her teenhood memories:

I remember being 15, taking over the kitchen and cooking a meal all by myself – the stuffed shell recipe. And how my family loved it!  Requested it the following week! It felt wonderful – my way of paying back/honoring my parents, in a way, for all their wonderful parenting. Also, this was the 1st thing I cooked for my husband. He loved it too. Made this for many years – even my girls loved it whenever I made it. Now they make for their family.

Also, made the meatless enchilada dish-1st recipe I cooked all by myself. My brothers, especially loved it. I’ve adapted this recipe over the years-instead of the cottage cheese, I substituted Mexican cheese. When I lost the recipe, I was frantic. But as you know, it miraculously was found again, thanks to my friends stash of old seventeen mags.

I hadn’t made the spaghetti carbonara in years, until I found it on your fabulous web page. Oh the memories came flooding back. I remember it was fantastic. When I made it this past winter, my husband ate it for lunch, snack and dinner the next day. Quite a success! These were great recipes.

Well said. Do you have a 1980s Seventeen recipe to request or share? Check out our inventory here.

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