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Seventeen cookie cone

14 Dec

Christmas is coming and cookies are all around: cinnamon and nutmeg are in the air!

Do you have any 1980s Seventeen magazine Christmas cookie or goodie recipe pages to share? See other requests here.

But a recent request for a vintage Seventeen magazine waffle cone recipe came in and we are transported back to summer and sunshine. Jill writes:

I have been looking for a waffle cone recipe from Seventeen Magazine for a long time! I found this post, but didn’t find the recipe. I’m hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing it again! It’s been a blast from the past finding these old recipes. Thank You!!

I’m not sure this is the recipe, as it is a cookie and not waffle recipe. Jill if you have any more details about the date or recipe, let us know.

Enjoy this cut and scotch-taped page: I am howling at my teenhood collage tactics to edit it to one page.


Skillet lasagna

1 Dec

Courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen.