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Jack’o’lantern Cheeseburgers

23 Oct

You knew this was coming.

Dinner and a Mooooovie wouldn’t be complete without the things we hold dear: Halloween, burgers, and hoarded Seventeen Magazine recipes. Ack. This silliness is from the pages of a silly 80s Seventeen recipe page for babysitter’s supper of jack’o’lantern carved cheese slices (melted on Lipton Onion Soup burgers.

All we needed was something fall-like with roasted apple and garlic jam with grainy mustard mayo. Sigh. We love Notable’s monthly burger inspirations, especially this fall number: (7oz naturally raised pork & wild boar patty with double smoked bacon, pickled red onions, housemade black truffle aioli with truffle shavings, homemade foie gras butter (melted unsalted butter emulsified with madeira and maple syrup), oka cheese, local lettuce, tomato on a fresh, house-baked sesame bun with a dill pickle on top).

Exhibit A: