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Nostalgia: McDonald’s retro Halloween

31 Oct

Gah! Spied these darlings on Pinterest and was immediately transported to childhood. How adorable! Remember getting these McDonald’s gift certificates in my Halloween bag. Oh, for a hot caramel sundae right now! The sweet taste of Halloweens past!



The eyes have it!

27 Oct

saucy cherie

We are as obsessed with oven-baked tacos and Rick Bayless’ sauce as we are with Halloween!

It was only a matter of time before our October menu merged with taco night!

We snapped up two sizes of silly candy eyes and are happy to have found a use for them.

Cheerful and cheesy Tex Mex or Mexican doesn’t typically land on our silly Halloween menu radar. But it’s hard to ignore Mexican hot chocolate laden with cinnamon, vanilla and chilies, or pepita, lime and cumin pesto, or even spooky mole sauce.

Hoot Owl Halloween Cookies

27 Oct

Many thanks to Sharon, who kindly took the time to scan and send us some ancient 80s Seventeen pages.

Here’s one perfect for Halloween:

owl cookies

The original looks like it came from a 1956 Pillsbury bake-off.

And here’s a peanut butter version.

Booodles… again!

26 Oct

Another year, and another spooky Halloween pasta.

This year, we tried a lemon shrimp version. Simple and very, very good.

We forgot to stock up on Black Label nero di seppia as per last year:

saucy cherie

Halloween Burgers

26 Oct

saucy cherie halloween burgersWe are obsessed with these!Saucy Cherie halloween burgers

Made a perfect pre-Halloween lunch with boo-tato salad, and a mix of bitter greens, perfectly ripe pear, goat cheese and pumpkin pie spice candied almonds.

So much fun, as you can see here and here and here.

Gothic Gourmet’s Greatest Hits

1 Oct

Welcome foolish mortals…

October is here and that means a month-long Halloween celebration for Saucy Cherie.

Why wait until Oct. 31? We’re going to enjoy these weeks with Dinner and a Mooovie as often as we can. That means a few fun recipes and screenings of some Halloween classics all month long.

Enjoy Saucy Cherie’s Gothic Gourmet Greatest Hits.

Dinner and Mooovie A Saucy Cherie original!

Vincent Price Cookalong: our small role in the global potluck, hosted by Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers. Spoiler alert: it’s chicken liver risotto.

Horror’dourves: Rather than gross-out grub, food that honours the season. Butternut squash rice paper rolls with spicy cran dipping sauce.

Brain Food: Shrimp mousse has never looked so good

Witchy Finger Food: Spider web party dip with cheese olive fingers

The Food Has Eyes: Har gow ghosties and NYC pretzel dumplings

Dim Sum Treats: Ruby Fooooos excellent selection of dim sum delectables

Exorcist Soup: or Magic Pan’s Potage St. Germain

Fright Night: Heeeeeere’s Dinner! Japanese Bat Wings and Steak Bites with Bloody Mary Dipping Sauce.

Halloween Howler:  Bloody Mary dip, Monster Mash garlic white bean dip, and our infamous Canapeyes

Vampire Stakes: Scary skewers with aioli

Winged Terror: Are they fried swamp creature legs or pterodactyl wings?

Dem Bones:  The graveyard good looks of Korean Fried and General Tao wings

Retro Babysitter Jack’o’lantern Patties: from an old Seventeen magazine

Vampire Slayer: Chicken in garlic sour cream straight from Romania – Dracula’s homeland.

A Howling: Black pasta nests with pumpkin seed pesto,

Witchy Pippa Fingers: Scream worthy cheese straws

Civilized autumn lasagna: How did this get in here?

Petrified log: Blue cheese, black sesame seeds and dread fill this blue cheese log.

Sea Creature Booodles: Spicy shrimp in a tangle of nero de seppia pasta

Heart Beet:  Beet and goat cheese pate, and roasted beet, garlic and goat cheese sauce for pasta.

Molten Lava: Autumn fondue of cheddar and hard cider.

Decaying Dinner: caramelized eggplant pasta and arugula pumpkin seed pesto.

Dipping in the Dark:  Broiled Goat Cheese with Pumpkin Seed Sauce


I Want Candy: Variations of pumpkin seed brittle and candy

Not so Lady Fingers: Sugar and spice. Dessert or cheddar.

Trickerdoodles! pumpkin pie spice meets snickerdoodle

The ultimate Halloween apple dipper: Dulce de leche made in the slow cooker.

Skull Butter: Savoury or sweet, watch as these butter molds melt gruesomely

Skull butter

29 Oct

halloween recipes, halloween skull molds, halloween recipes

We try to keep the crazy at bay, really we do. But. These cheapo ice cube Halloween molds called out to us at Superstore.

No ice cube plans at all.

It’s all about the butter, baby.

Our first go was to mix softened butter with homemade pumpkin pie spice and a splash of maple syrup. Result: very fun morning waffles.

Next up: Some terrifying maitre d’hotel butter for steaks or fish.

Cream together:
1 cup butter, softened
1/3 cup minced parsley
1 whole lemon, zested
minced garlic

You can add some blue cheese crumbles if this intended for beef.

Smoosh the compound butter into the molds; really pack it in there to get the air bubbles out. Freeze them for more than an hour. Pop free and let come to room temperature before using on steaks.

While a small pat of butter is preferable over these huge butter skulls and pumpkins, the effect will be fun (and you can use half on your steak and half on your baguette, potato or other veg!)

Brain Food

27 Oct

Finally found a brain-shaped mold after seeing them online for years.

It is sturdy! And perfect for shrimp mousse, in all its glistening, shrimp-filled glory. Perfect for a Halloween party. We forgot to bring along a serving plate, and think this would looked better on a glass platter, or have been extra funny on stainless steel: more medical!

Note: to release mousse from brain, press the front and back of the mold upside down and it pops right out.
halloween brain

Vincent Price Cookalong!

4 Nov


Halloween time or not, there’s little more terrifying than liver.

We kid, we kid.

This 1970s chicken liver risotto recipe from Vincent Price — courtesy of Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers — is more treat than trick.

VPH Cookalong

My mother armed her cooking arsenal with Vincent Price recipes early and — lucky us — his Yorkshire pudding, Quiche Lorraine and Sweet Mouthful (Boccone Dolce) remain in heavy rotation.

When Jenny announced her Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong, I was keen to take part in the virtual reality potluck party because I am a Halloween freak, and I knew the recipes were going to be solid.

She assigned me this recipe for Chicken Liver Risotto from Cooking Price-Wise:Chicken Liver Risotto-2 pic

When I first saw the bacon, chicken livers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese, the flavours made me think of autumn. How woodsy and fitting for Halloween. If there was a killer lurking nearby, even better.

Price’s recipe is brief: there are no fussy risotto instructions warning that you’ll fail if you aren’t simmering your stock in a nearby pot, or that you’ll end up with a sticky clump of something resembling risotto if you don’t add slowly as each ladleful evaporates.

No matter. It works. I’ll admit I was frightened the bacon fat is never drained, but I got over it when saw the glistening grains of rice coated in that swirling sheen of fat.

If you are a chicken liver hater, you could leave them out and enjoy a bacon mushroom risotto, but in truth the livers break down and impart an earthy flavour that really gives the dish body.


This is a creamy, rich risotto and perfect as it is. I was so tempted to add a splash of brandy to the livers, or a glug of white wine as I usually do as I’m stirring the rice constantly. But I’m glad I made it as written.

Thanks Jenny for your deliciously demented idea and letting me play along, and kudos global potluckers — I’m loving your blogs!

Here are links for your enjoyment:

Michael of Michael MacMahon – Chicken in Vermouth
Cathy of Battenburg Belle also made the Pumpkin Pie
Ruth of Mid Century Menu also made version 2 of Vincent’s Bloody Mary and his Pumpkin Pie

Eat or Be Eaten

29 Oct

Jack’o’lantern sirloin cheeseburger patties!


What began as an ’80s Seventeen magazine lark has become a tradition.