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Oscar Night

24 Feb

Oscar night on the couch fast approaches.

Last night’s chichi cocktail reception with yummy snacks (tray passed pretzel bun bbq sirloin sliders with caramelized onions, smoked paprika aioli and red leaf lettuce; crostini topped with a basil leaf roasted grape tomato, artichoke heart, truffled pecorino curl; and glorious mouthfuls of bison ravioli, we couldn’t help thinking about Oscar night nibblies.

Blame that on the coconut shrimp.

We’ve long lusted after Wolfgang Puck-esque prime sliders, even dolloping them with an In-N-Out sauce clone. (See last year’s post, Let’s All Go to the Lobby.) And bubbly, rich cheese dips with crudite is always a hit. Even this pesto turkey meatball with saffron aioli looks tempting.

This year, we’re keen to keep it simple with coconut shrimp and bust out our star shaped cookie cutter to make some cinnamon sugar tortilla chips with simple fruit salsa (we have waaaay too many kiwi fruit).

Maybe next year, we’ll make star toasts with smoked salmon cream cheese, in a nod to Wolfgang Puck’s famous pies.

And we’ll try get around to those raisinette and popcorn cookies, too. One day!