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Vincent Price Cookalong!

4 Nov


Halloween time or not, there’s little more terrifying than liver.

We kid, we kid.

This 1970s chicken liver risotto recipe from Vincent Price — courtesy of Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers — is more treat than trick.

VPH Cookalong

My mother armed her cooking arsenal with Vincent Price recipes early and — lucky us — his Yorkshire pudding, Quiche Lorraine and Sweet Mouthful (Boccone Dolce) remain in heavy rotation.

When Jenny announced her Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong, I was keen to take part in the virtual reality potluck party because I am a Halloween freak, and I knew the recipes were going to be solid.

She assigned me this recipe for Chicken Liver Risotto from Cooking Price-Wise:Chicken Liver Risotto-2 pic

When I first saw the bacon, chicken livers, onions, mushrooms, and cheese, the flavours made me think of autumn. How woodsy and fitting for Halloween. If there was a killer lurking nearby, even better.

Price’s recipe is brief: there are no fussy risotto instructions warning that you’ll fail if you aren’t simmering your stock in a nearby pot, or that you’ll end up with a sticky clump of something resembling risotto if you don’t add slowly as each ladleful evaporates.

No matter. It works. I’ll admit I was frightened the bacon fat is never drained, but I got over it when saw the glistening grains of rice coated in that swirling sheen of fat.

If you are a chicken liver hater, you could leave them out and enjoy a bacon mushroom risotto, but in truth the livers break down and impart an earthy flavour that really gives the dish body.


This is a creamy, rich risotto and perfect as it is. I was so tempted to add a splash of brandy to the livers, or a glug of white wine as I usually do as I’m stirring the rice constantly. But I’m glad I made it as written.

Thanks Jenny for your deliciously demented idea and letting me play along, and kudos global potluckers — I’m loving your blogs!

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