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Pieathalon: Prune Whip Edition

8 Jun


What. The. Eff. Is. Prune. Whip?

The WASPy among us will feel some familiarity with this beige concoction. The rest? Well, it will take some convincing.

When I saw my Pieathalon assignment, I felt instant familiarity: my childhood Charlie Brown lunchbox cookbook had a recipe for prune whip. I knew what I was in for.

But although Betty Crocker circa 1975 had a hand in this version (hello miniature marshmallows and instant coffee) I was nervous.

And I’ll be honest, one look at this refrigerator pie and my hubby recoiled.

“Is that turd pie?”
turd pie

For the record, the recipe ticks the vintage boxes: prunewhip2 prune whip is indeed a thing, although typically a meringue-type mix with egg whites. Betty Crocker has no time for that fussiness: just cook up those mini marshmallows and let’s get this thing in the fridge.

I did like the coffee flavour, but it was sickly sweet. The cinnamon pie pastry was a nice treat though, and smelled heavenly.

Laughably, there is no way to dress up this prune pie: it is what it is – a harbinger of what’s coming from your intestines.

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Happy pie eating, folks!